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potcrackxchange's Journal

An anonymous fic/art exchange for TeniPuri crack
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Crack is one of the things the Prince of Tennis fandom is famous for. It’s everywhere, in both canon and fan works. But how often have you had an idea for crack, but hesitated in writing or drawing it? How many times have you thought that two characters would go well together, but when you look, you can’t find any fic or art for that pair? How many fics or arts do you have that are crack, but you can never bring yourself to finish or post, because you think the idea might be a little too out there?

Well…not anymore!

Welcome to the PoT Crack Exchange, a completely anonymous community designed to foster the crack that we all know and love.

F.A.Q.'s ~~ Submission Guidelines ~~ Sign Me Up!


Sign-ups for Round 4: March 1st-March 14th, 2010 (sign-ups end at 10 P.M. EST).

Assignments sent out: No later than March 20th, 2010.

Submissions due: May 29th, 2010.

Posting begins: Week of May 30th, 2010.


1. No fic or art rating higher than R is allowed (R being defined, for our purposes, as no penetration, either vaginal or anal). It’s easier to put a cap on the ratings than to police ages, after all.

2. Het, yaoi, and yuri are all allowed and encouraged.

3. Pairings only, please! While threesomes/moresomes are fun, they are automatically in the world of crack.

4. If you sign up, it is an agreement that means that you will produce either fic or art for your specific assignment.

5. Beta-reading is strongly encouraged. We’re not grammar and spelling Nazis, but multiple mistakes do hurt a fic.

6. This is a semi-anonymous exchange. You will know who you are producing for, but you will not know who is producing for you until the very end. All sign up comments will be screened, and your assignments will be given to you through email. There’s no use snooping to see who has your request!

7. All fics must be at least 1,000 original words in length. Alternately, while art can be color or black & white, depending on style and preference, it needs to be nicely rendered. Stick figures, while entertaining and cracky, are not appropriate for this exchange.

8. All fics must be in English. This is both because the moderators are native English speakers, and because English has been the main shared language of the exchange participants for the past rounds. We have nothing against non-native speakers, encourage their participation, and are more than happy to either beta or recommend betas for non-native writers.

9. Please e-mail all fic and art to potcrackxchange@gmail.com with your LJ username in the subject header by 10 P.M. EDT, October 15th, 2009.

10. If you have a problem, contact the moderator(s), wiccanlilly or dizzy_grace, as soon as possible.

11. Please respect your request. We are being careful about matching people up, so you shouldn’t get something too terrible. If you find something impossible, though, please email a mod, and we will see if it can be worked out.

12. Please do not post your fics or art anywhere until all submissions have been posted to the community.

13. Please either join or watch the community so that you don't miss any updates, date changes, reminders, etc.

A big thank you to communities like subrosa_tennis and tenifriends for inspiration in just how to set this thing up!